Beyond 365

Day 72:

Today I am…  Wide Awake!  That’s right friends, and reader’s I am so awake it’s crazy, it is 4:40 in the am, I should be fast asleep still, but I am not.  In fact this could become pretty normal for me, for at least a couple of days a week, all depends on my new work schedule, since I work at a call center, I now have pretty funky hours.  Tomorrow I have to be up at this time, because I have to leave the apartment at five to catch the bus heading to work, then there are some days that I will have to be on the night shift, working till 11 pm.  Hmm, caffeine might just become my best friend.  In all I am enjoying work.

So this morning finds me being productive while I am awake, doing a bit of cleaning, then I shall get out once it gets daylight and tool about town, have some business to attend to, then whatever comes my way, I am just going to wing it.  So here’s to  the truly early birds.

Today I am…  Wide Awake!


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