Beyond 365

Day 75:

Today I am…  Working.  Ah yes, this week is all work, I have the 3 to 11 spot this week, and on Saturday I get the 2:30 to 10:30 pm spot, so that means that I am going to miss the Zilker kite fly this year, yes it saddens me.  I have been wanting to go to this for the past 3 years, but I have to work Sunday the 2nd, and will not be able to go.  I am really hoping that I will have some days off during SXSW which starts on the 6th of next month, but the music part starts on the 11th or 12th I believe and doesn’t end till the 16th.  So in that span, I am hoping that I can get to it let’s keep those fingers crossed.  I know if I do go, that I am going to have to have some money saved, because I will have to definitely take a taxi home, I am hoping the buses stay out longer, well at least the one I want so that I can then catch a taxi home from the park and ride, which isn’t that far from where I live.  I will have to ask the bus drivers about the scheduling on that.  I am excited though.

So my mom and dad are coming today, but only be staying overnight, they are picking up this piece of furniture that she had paid for down here, it’s a nice glass entertainment piece.  Dad had the day off today, and his usual day off  Sunday, so they are driving down to pick it up.  I will get to see mom next month for longer, it’s hard to see them both together, since dad works all week, and only have Sunday off.  I will probably only get to see them for an hour before I have to head to work, then of course once I get home from work tonight, a couple of hours before I go to sleep, and the morning before they take off back to San Angelo.  It’s always nice to see them.

It is really nice to be working where I am not standing all day, dealing with out of control customers and their equally out of control children.   I know the weather is pretty dang sweet this week.  I love this kind of weather, I feel more in my elements then, nice, sunny, and wonderful.  Here’s to more days like this.  Must wrap this up for today.  Enjoy your day reader’s.

Today I am…  Working.


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