Beyond 365

Day 76:

Today I am…  Waving goodbye.  Yes, mom and dad are on their way back to San Angelo.  We had a good breakfast and nice chatter this morning before they packed up the furniture, put in the back of the truck and now are heading back west.  A visit much too short, but one that was nice.  Like I have said, I will see my mom next month sometime, probably in another week or so.  So let the feel good feelings work their magic.

these hours are going to take some getting used to.  3 to 11, oyvey!  Then I have to call a taxi, because the bus I ride doesn’t come at that time, not much against taxi’s but truthfully, I wish the taxi people would just know where I am, put the input into their little gps thingies and pick me up.  Then get me home.  Home without all the fuss of paying two arms and a leg.  Yes, at least I am covered for all the week that I have to take the taxi home.  I won’t even go into how much money is spent, it’s life, it’s my life and well I am living it.  Next!

Thank God for mom’s and dad’s who still help out lol.  the fun part is that when they do come down, I get to treat them to really fun things, and new eats.  Can’t wait to see mom again, we shall try a new food place; which one, I do not know, perhaps Torchy’s Taco’s.  Stay tuned.

Today I am…  Waving goodbye.


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