Beyond 365

Day 77:

Today I am…  Finding out.  That is finding out how hard it is to stay awake from a 3 to 11 schedule.  Last night I did not get back to the apartment till midnight, because the taxi went to the wrong place, and it took it more time to finally get to where I was.  I got in, and ate, watched the rest of Trading Places, then crashed.  I woke up between 6 and 7.  But didn’t get up till 8 this morning.  It is now 10 am, I am having bacon, toast, and coffee, getting some vitamins in me as well and blogging this out.  I’ve already listened to Chip Ingram, and now about to do some Joyce Meyer’s before I get ready for the work day.

Oyvey!  I feel tired, but it takes some time to get used to this time frame, at least the body has to adjust.  Last night I was feeling like a beast, meaning that I was feeling really good, I was soaking it all up, and I was getting more and more right.  As I have said, I feel good here, and I know that I can be a sponge and soak up more and more information.  It felt incredible, my brain was firing on automatic at times, probably because I was exhausted but while I was going, I was getting these things right.  I know these things are so easy.  I start getting that drag around 8pm lol. so I am going to have to do something that will make me not so draggy by that time and have more energy as well.  It is trial and error for me, just have to tweak things here and there.

Today I am…  Finding out.


One thought on “Beyond 365

  1. I used to like working those hours because I am not a morning person. So I would sleep in then get up, be able to take care of whatever errands needed to be taken care of during the day, and even have time left to work out before work. I lost 40 lbs! It was great. Then I switched back to a morning career and put all of the weight and then some on. Ugh! I sleep all weekend because I am so sleep deprived during the the week. I might need to seek out those hours again! That stinks about the cabs. I suggest you find a trusty cab driver or a personal driver who you can call so the same person is taking you to and from work. That is what my folks who used to work late at night used to do.

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