Beyond 365

Day 78:

Today I am…  Fogged.  By that I mean that today Austin is enveloped in fog, looks like rain today as well, but hopefully that isn’t the case, and it will burn off and become at least sunny, but if not, that’s just how it will be.  I will be equipped with my big rainbow umbrella and my jacket with the hood, all will be well.  Work today, lol.  I seem to be making it alright, my first week has been pretty good, I am getting better and better at this, and I am soaking up more information.  Last night I found I had more energy and didn’t get tired really till around 8 pm, but once I got my break, I had some trail mix, and that gave me a nice burst of energy to power on till 11.  Now after that I was soo tired, and when I got home I didn’t get to bed till around 1 am.  I crashed, and I slept till 7 this morning.  I feel really good at the moment.  Time to get myself ready for the day at hand.  That time comes around quickly, but I have the next two days off.  Life is really, really good.

Today I am…  Fogged.


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