Beyond 365

Day 80:

Today I am…  Taking in the arts.  Today was such a beautiful day, I decided to spend it downtown at the art museum.  I even rode the new metro rapid bus, I can say I just don’t feel it’s worth the 3 bucks you have to pay, but that is a story for another day.  It was a smooth ride, not many people going downtown on it, but coming back up town, well it was pretty full there.  I will ride it again, I say it’s an alright bus, just alright.  To be continued.

So went to the Blanton Museum, today was free admissions day, every Thursday is free, and since it was my day off I decided to hit it up.  Camera in hand these are a few of the photos I took, I will post more photos another day, but you have the pleasure of seeing a few here.



bones and pennies photo 1

square of squggles


Enjoying a day at the museum

eyecatcher 1

I had quite the adventure today.

Today I am…  Taking in the arts.


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