Month: March 2014

All for the good

So starting tomorrow at work, they have set up a big blue donation box, where you can drop off your gently used clothing and items, it will be going to good will.  I have decided to donate my clothing I haven’t and will not ever be wearing again, lol.  All those skirts I bought , that I only wore a couple of times, and I have some blouses and shirts that will be going as well.  It’s all for the good.  I have gone through my closet, and will rid myself of all that I haven’t worn in a couple of years.  That way I can make room for new stuff.  It’s all for the good.

What do you do with the clothing that you haven’t worn in years?  Do you donate?

Beyond 365

Day 112:

Today I am…   Looking at History.  To all the men that served in the Vietnam war, looking at the photos I took yesterday, when I went down to the capitol.  There were some veterans down there at the memorial, it was really nice.  As I stood there, I knew I was looking at history.  So here are some of the photos I took.  Hope you enjoy.

Today I am…  Looking at History.


memorial wreath 1



memorial monument for the vietnam vets

memorial wreath 2

Vietnam Vetrans Memorial

memorial wreath 3


Beyond 365

Day 111:

Today I am…  Opening my eyes.  I am seeing things in a whole different light.  I am seeing things I have seen before, but in a whole new way.  Places I have been, things I have seen before, all seen through newly opened eyes.  Yes indeed, yes indeed.  I walk around this city and my eyes are opened to so many beautiful things.

Today I am…  Opening my eyes.

Beyond 365

Day 110:

Today I am…  Being Truthful.  To myself, I am not ready to get back out into that dating world, I see couples all around me, and long, even ache for it.  But the truth is…  I am not ready for it, not  at all.  It’s been a year since the break-up, and I am still grieving it, and getting through it.  In my own time, it doesn’t  hurt the way it did, but it is not gone either.  I still have my major days with it all.  So I am not trying to re-bound and jump into something that I know isn’t going to be good for either me or the other party.  Not to say I don’t see hot looking to cute guys at work, but that’s just a bit of eye candy.  Until I am mentally stable for another relationship, I will continue to work on myself inside and out.

Today I am…  Being Truthful.

Beyond 365

Day 109:

Today I am…  Taking the chance.  That is whenever I can, I am walking.  Today, while I waited on the bus, I walked around the perimeter.  I want to be able to gather my walking  strength back to where it was and then some.  It is spring, and I am feeling too good to pass up these beautiful opportunities to get out and walk.

I am heading to work, work seems to be clicking, no real friends yet, plenty of friendly people.  In time, the ones that are meant to be, will be.  Got my head up and praising The Lord every day.

Today I am…  Taking the chance.

Beyond 365

Day 108:

Today I am…  Not going to get caught up.  In the rain that is, yes, my friends and loyal reader’s it is raining here in good old Austin Texas.  It started yesterday evening, just as I got out early from work, and I was caught up in it without my umbrella, only for the fact I did not check the weather, it was a bit too good to be true, it was cloudy, and very windy out yesterday, didn’t think it was going to rain, but it did, and I without my trusty rainbow umbrella.  Thank goodness my jacket has a hood, and hood it was to be the rest of the way home from bus to bus.  It was windy, got cold and rained lol, I say that was the trifecta there.

Today my reader’s I will not be leaving this apartment empty.  My oh my!  It’s already 9:30 in the am.  I have to be out of the apartment by noon heading to work, I better be getting dinner on.  Going to make it now before I leave so that I have it ready when I come in from work tonight.  I don’t like fiddling around cooking, when I get home.  Tonight’s dinner menu is Bird’s eye voila family size Cheesy Ranch Chicken.  Enough to eat for two days, then on to something new.  Beats making something new every day I say.

Well here’s to hoping you stay dry where ever you may live, enjoy your Thursday, and always stay safe whatever you may or may not do.

Today I am…  Not going to get caught up.

Beyond 365

Day 107:

Today I am…  Comforted!  Yes, I raise my hands up to Him, for He is my comforter, as tears fall down my cheeks I know I am loved by Him.  He is my comforter.  Today’s message from Joyce Meyers.  It is so true, so true.  I am healing through my hurt, through the struggles, through all that is going on, I know, I know He is with me.  I could not have made it where I am today without Him, without knowing that He walked beside me through it all.  Yes, I raise my hands up to Him.

My life is good, no doubt, He has opened my eyes to more and more.  I am growing, and stretching, I thank you my Lord, for all that You have done, and continue to do for me.  GOD is the Source of all Comfort!  It has not been a smooth ride, I’ve had my ups and downs, and more tears than I ever thought I would have at this time, but it has also been tears of joy and tears of encouragement and tears of comfort.  Not all good, but not all bad either.  I praise Him, that I am where I am.  Through the loss and through the pain, come out knowing He is my comforter.  Thank you Lord.

Amen!  Everyday I see the blessings in my life, and when I think back, I see, I see it was all for the better, for me, and for the situation around.  The relationship that I lost, wasn’t a loss, it was a gain, sure at that time, my eyes couldn’t see it, but I see it everyday, through the people I meet, the job I have, the life I am living.  There is still a faint pain, but this too shall pass.  Life goes forward, and that is what I am doing, going forward.  Thank you Father God, for without You, I would be a mess, and with You, I am stronger each and every day.

Today I am…  Comforted!