Beyond 365

Day 82:

Today I am…   Looking ahead.  For today is the first day of March, and that means there are a lot of things going on in the city of Austin, at the moment, none of which I can take any part in due to having to work.  Will miss the kite fly tomorrow, working, in fact I have picked up a couple of hours more, it will pay time and a half, and right now I am needing it, basically to offset right now with me having to take taxi’s home, I probably will just break even this week, until I can get my new schedule change approved.  So funny, not really though, that I know I had put my availability for certain times, due to the fact I have to take the bus home, and I end up getting the shifts that require me to spend more money than I have to get home, if that isn’t the topper on the cake!  Wonder if I will even get a day off next to attend one day of the music fest sxsw, if not, there is always next year to try for it lol.

Ugh!  Today is just one of those wet, foggy, drizzly, kind of days, really hope it clears up.  Well friends, and reader’s here’s to the start of a new month.

Today I am…  Looking ahead.


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