Beyond 365

Day 85:

Today I am…  Enjoying.  That is right, I am enjoying, enjoying life, enjoying the weather that was, once the sun came out and warmed not only the city, but my heart.  I am enjoying the fact that tomorrow my mom comes for a visit, even though I have to work, I am still in the mind of enjoyment.

Today was a busy day for me, had to put money in the bank, had to pay my rent, had to go shop for food, yes very busy indeed.  Once I came home, I cleaned and did laundry, don’t want mom coming to a funky apartment, nope, this woman has cleaned and it is smelling all fresh and sparkly, if sparkly indeed has a smell.  Since she will be here for the next 4 days, she leaves out on Sunday.  I have the day off Friday, we are going to head back over to Sam Moon, and then I am going to treat her to lunch in the plaza.  I heard the weather is going to be absolutely beautiful that day as well.  So win win for me and for her.

SXSW starts on Friday, once I get my schedule then I can figure out if I can attend any of the music part.  Of course on the free side of things.  I’ve already uploaded some apps to my phone for south by.  Stay tuned.  Well it has been quite the day, and now I am about to get into some Netflix.  So until we meet again.  Enjoy.

Today I am…  Enjoying.


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