Beyond 365

Day 86:

Today I am…  Believing.  I am believing that God keeps me in His Grace and Favor.  I look back at the place I was a year ago.  I am not that same person, I have matured, I have grown, I am not that same totally broken-hearted woman, who felt broken.  Now I am not 100 percent gravy either, but I am not that same person.  I still have anger inside of course, this too shall pass, it does take time, this I know.  Oh my, when I listen to some of the conversations around me, I remember a time I used to be those people.  You know the ones, that say, same day, different shit.  I look back to then, and I look to now and I thank God, thank God how much He has come into my life and changed the way I see, think, and feel, the things I speak, and the things I do.  As I say, without Him, I can do nothing, but with Him, I can do everything.  Have a great day reader’s.

Today I am…  Believing.


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