Beyond 365

Day 88:

Today I am…  Up and Down.  Yes,  what I mean about that is the up part of me is up because I just looked at the new schedule I got  and I will be working mornings, sure it’s only six-hour shifts, but they also call people to work late at times, and I can always adjust and work past my afternoon shift.  It makes me smile, but the down part of me is down because I will be working all week-long.  My only day off is next Sunday, so even though during the week of working, I could go down town for a little bit to see some of south by, to me it is not worth the hassle, I would have loved to spend a whole day enjoying it.  So I can truly say that This year for festivals have been out for me, and I won’t get to see it.  Ho hum.  Life goes on lol.

There is always next year, and who knows what next year really holds for me.  Stay tuned.  Today has already been a great day, spent it with my mom, we went back over to Sam Moon, where she indulged herself once again with rings, and purses.  Then we had lunch at the Souper Salad.  It was very good, like I have said, one mission for me is to try different eateries around Austin, and I am well on my way, and I am indulging my mom in it as well.  Sorry, no photos this time around, but the next eatery I will try to remember to snap some photos, for here, my Facebook and my instagram.

I also picked up the new Hunger Games:  Catching Fire dvd, so today has been pretty productive, even though it never really got too sunny outside.  I do hear that next week will be a bright, sunny, spring kind of day, I welcome it very much of course.  So until the next blog my friends, enjoy your weekend.  And to the Austinites who will be attending any of the SXSW festivities, keep it safe, fun, and take plenty of photos.

Today I am…  Up and Down.


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