Beyond 365

Day 90:

Today I am…  Excelling.  Got mentored again last night, but it was him plugging into my calls to see how I am doing, afterward, he said it looks like I am getting quicker, and grasping the TXU client, looks really good.  Now let’s keep up the good works, and I will continue to keep moving forward and the next review I am hoping to be at a 3 level of knowledge of things.  Stay tuned.  I am loving my job, just loving it.

Yesterday before I went in to work, I went over to target and spent 20 bucks on some ear buds.  Skull Candy, the truth is, these are the best 20 bucks I have ever spent on a pair of ear buds.


Skull candy earbuds

Of course I happen to have gotten them in my favorite color, lol.  They fit snug in my ear, and have really great sound quality.  Yes, great purchase indeed.  And when you have to wear headphones, or ear buds for 8 hours at work, good ones surely do make the difference.

So due to inclement weather, this year’s Zilker Kite Fly has been canceled.  So no kite fly this year, a little sad, but a bit glad that I have a better chance of attending it next year.  The weather is cold today, it rained yesterday, and suppose to rain sometime today.

Life is so good my friends, and reader’s and I pray your lives are well also.  Until the next time.  Keep it fun, and safe.

Today I am…  Excelling.


2 thoughts on “Beyond 365

  1. I am So happy for you! I read your posts but can’t always comment or “like” because it has to redirect to WordPress and it sucks up my phone battery while I’m out! Sooooooo proud of you girl!!!!!!!

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