Beyond 365

Day 92:

Today I am…  Scanning the airwaves.  I have this scanner radio app on my phone, so at the moment I am listening to all the crazy stuff going on in Austin.  I try not to listen to a lot of this stuff, because some of it can be a bit scary, but at the moment, with South by being in town, you get a lot of reports of stuff going on.  There are other places I listen to as well.  It’s a good time waster if I have nothing better to do.

Speaking of south by, I do believe today kicked off the music portion of it all, and they are starting to close off some of the streets downtown and around that area.  Sorta, kinda, glad I am not down there right now, but sorta, kinda, wish I was lol.  But work will keep me busy, in fact I pulled in a little more extra time, so I can be sure that come Friday, two of my bills will be getting paid off for the month.  Yippie, and as long as I can pick up some extra hours, than it’s going to be a pretty good pay-day for me.  And I will be able to get my furniture, and start decorating my cozy little pad.  Stay tuned.  I am surprised that I didn’t find it so very hard to get up this morning, with having about 4 hours sleep previous, but will not make that a habit, I will get some proper sleep tonight, turn in around 10 if not earlier.  To be up at 3:30 to be out the door at 5 , it’s all good, it’s all good, I am like a blooming flower in the morning time.  And today was such a beautiful day, I pretty much bloomed all over the place.

Well back to enjoying the rest of the evening my readers.

Today I am…  Scanning the airwaves.


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