Beyond 365

Day 95:

Today I am…  Full.   Of bacon and waffles that is.  Tonight dinner became breakfast, and I sure did make a mess in the kitchen whipping those puppies up.  So once I get off here, I have some cleaning to do.  Oh how I love my waffle maker, and well bacon goes good with just about everything.  Once I got out of work, it was getting dark, so I decided to just forget heading to target, will go Sunday on my day off, and just head home.  A little bit tired of course, today was day 7 of 8 working.  I even picked up 3 extra hours today lol.  Just in time for next week, this time mom and dad will be down, friday, saturday, and leave on sunday.  They are coming down to pick up a reclining sofa.  Will have to think of something cool to do on Saturday though.  Pick a new spot to eat at.

Well my reader’s I am off to relax, hope that your weekend has kicked off well.

Today I am… Full.


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