Beyond 365

Day 96:

Today I am…  Eight days in.  With work, yes, today is my 8th day of working straight on through.  Can you say tired, well I surly can.  Next week instead of working six-hour shifts, I get the pleasure of a full 8 and possibly some OT.  It’s all good, it’s all good though.  It really is nice to have a little more in pocket or bank wise when you have paid your bills up.  Of course the goal is to have a lot more in either pocket or bank wise, so it really is not to much of a thought after all the bills have been paid up.

Today is next to the last day of South by, and after working all week-long, and can really say that I am glad that I didn’t go this year.  There is always next year, which by looking at the ways these days and months are flying by, will be soon enough.  And on that note, I better get to moving around, there are things to be done before I am out that door today.  So here’s to having a great Saturday and weekend in general.

Today I am…  Eight days in.


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