Beyond 365

Day 104:

Today I am…  Done.  Yes, done with the day, I have put the last of the laundry in the wash, and the dryer is going, I am now ready to sit down and watch some Netflix, they have some new movies on there.  I decided to watch both old and newer footloose movies, and can you say, remakes sucks.  The old is so much better, can you believe it’s been that long since that movie came out, man I’m feeling old lol.  Today has been a busy, busy, busy kind of day.  Got up and treated my mom and dad to IHOP.  Then they went and picked up their sofa with the reclining ends, got it packed onto the back of the truck, then we headed back to my apartment, to pick up the rest of their things, got that all packed into the truck, and they were off back to San Angelo.  It was a good time had this weekend.

So let the spring cleaning begin, I took off the cushion covers to the loveseat, and washed them, got a new broom and was having a go at it sweeping the living room, yes, must get a vacum, washed laundry, cleaned kitchen and bathroom, very much tempted to go take a very hot bath and soak.  I have it smelling really fresh and citrus here.  I love those clean smells.    Got the loveseat fixed and situated the way I wanted, next on the list is a bed, got it narrowed down to what I want, it will be a full sleigh bed, oh how I love sleigh beds.  Stay tuned.

Got a drawer for my bedroom, is really nice, I am going to put baskets underneath the bottom part, cleaned out my closet and put things into the drawers, things are really coming along now.  The weekend was really great, now back to work tomorrow.  Hope you had an awesome weekend.

Today I am…  Done.


P.s.  Here are pics of my loveseat, chair, and drawer.


chair and loveseat photo

loveseat and chair



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