Beyond 365

Day 106:

Today I am…  Feeling Energized.  It could be  for the two cups of coffee I downed, or it could be from all the walking to and fro, whatever it is…  I am feeling it.  It was almost funny, when I went to work yesterday I had to really focus, I had almost forgotten where things were, plus they had new buttons to make it a little easier, I caught on fast to this, so I also upped my points, I was going to slow and got a warning, so that lit a fire under my fingers to speed it up a bit more.  Today I feel energized, and like I can do more.  Today looks really nice out, yes, spring is coming along alright.  Just have to take it day by day.

The one thing I am thinking about is getting myself enrolled into this health care stuff, the deadline is the 31st, and I have yet to get that done, I have to do it this week, or be penalized, and I don’t even want to know what that penalty will be if I don’t get it done.

Well reader’s here’s to a timely Tuesday, may it be all that it can be for you.

Today I am…  Feeling Energized.


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