Beyond 365

Day 108:

Today I am…  Not going to get caught up.  In the rain that is, yes, my friends and loyal reader’s it is raining here in good old Austin Texas.  It started yesterday evening, just as I got out early from work, and I was caught up in it without my umbrella, only for the fact I did not check the weather, it was a bit too good to be true, it was cloudy, and very windy out yesterday, didn’t think it was going to rain, but it did, and I without my trusty rainbow umbrella.  Thank goodness my jacket has a hood, and hood it was to be the rest of the way home from bus to bus.  It was windy, got cold and rained lol, I say that was the trifecta there.

Today my reader’s I will not be leaving this apartment empty.  My oh my!  It’s already 9:30 in the am.  I have to be out of the apartment by noon heading to work, I better be getting dinner on.  Going to make it now before I leave so that I have it ready when I come in from work tonight.  I don’t like fiddling around cooking, when I get home.  Tonight’s dinner menu is Bird’s eye voila family size Cheesy Ranch Chicken.  Enough to eat for two days, then on to something new.  Beats making something new every day I say.

Well here’s to hoping you stay dry where ever you may live, enjoy your Thursday, and always stay safe whatever you may or may not do.

Today I am…  Not going to get caught up.


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