Beyond 365

Day 110:

Today I am…  Being Truthful.  To myself, I am not ready to get back out into that dating world, I see couples all around me, and long, even ache for it.  But the truth is…  I am not ready for it, not  at all.  It’s been a year since the break-up, and I am still grieving it, and getting through it.  In my own time, it doesn’t  hurt the way it did, but it is not gone either.  I still have my major days with it all.  So I am not trying to re-bound and jump into something that I know isn’t going to be good for either me or the other party.  Not to say I don’t see hot looking to cute guys at work, but that’s just a bit of eye candy.  Until I am mentally stable for another relationship, I will continue to work on myself inside and out.

Today I am…  Being Truthful.


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