Month: April 2014

Beyond 365

Day 142:

Today I am…  Feeling better.  Last night I got a big word of encouragement from my friend, she let me know that God didn’t instill in us, or that willingness to give up, and that lifted my spirit so much, for that I am so thankful for a friend like her.  I was truly in need.  Thank you dear friend.  I had gotten off my path, sometimes that happens, we stray from the path that we are on, and we get turned around, well that is me, I am grateful for my friends and reader’s who continue to encourage me.

Today is the last day of April, it has been a month indeed, I pray that May be a very blessed month ahead.

Today I am…  Feeling better.

Beyond 365

Day 140:

Today I am…  Not in the mood.  To write, but here I sit trying to write something out.  It is Monday and I truly feel like I have a case of it.  It is back to work for me, the weather outside looks to be a hot one today, so I better get moving along.  very, very, short post, but…

Today I am…  Not in the mood.

Beyond 365

Day 139:

Today I am…  Taking it in.  My day off of course.  After church this morning, I went on a long walk in the park, it was a most beautiful morning.  Sure, there were clouds overhead and it was a bit hazy looking, but it was morning and it was warming up pretty quickly.  I love walking in the park, I do get emotional when it’s such a beautiful day out, and I see the splendor of its beauty, the splendor of which God has created and given to us to enjoy.  Well I am enjoying it.  I walked along the trails, this is why I love Austin.  There are so many parks and trails that you can run, walk, bike, and hike.  The park here is close to where I live, so it’s easy access, and I would be a fool not to take full advantage of it.


trails in the park

day in the park

bird in the park

Three photos I took today while I was walking in the park.  Oh the beauty.  While I was walking, I was thinking, well it’s a place, or just one of the places I do my best thinking, any who.  I have decided that since I will be working mornings this week, that I will take full advantage of my walking time, and instead of when I get off work, and taking the bus to the park in ride where I live, I will get off before and just walk down to my apartments, that will save me time of having to sit and wait at the park in ride, and it will give me even more exercise during the week.  Since the bus stop is just down the street.  It will be nice to get out and walk in the daytime, since I have to catch the bus early in the morning, the afternoon will be my walking treat.  Plus it’s a way to combat all that sitting at work for me, want to keep it active, and get my summer walking legs in shape.

Next Sunday will be great as well, it will be the Pecan Street Festival, and I will be heading downtown to check that out as well.  More walking, browsing, and photo taking.  Stay tuned.

So now I will enjoy the rest of my day by watching some movies.  Hope that you have had a great weekend, and may your Working week start off great also.

Today I am…  Taking it in.

Beyond 365

Day 138:

Today I am…  Cleaning it up.  My apartment that is, just using the vacuum that my mom bought me, it sure sucks that dirt up really good.  So there is time to do that this morning, no work till around 3, that means that I will probably leave the apartment around noon time.  Looking out the window, it looks like rain today, so that means umbrella gets to travel with me to work today.  looking at my work schedule for next week, makes me smile for the fact that I will be working the morning shifts, from Tuesday through to Saturday.  I do love morning work.

So I forgot to show off my new glass coffee table that my mom gave me, is getting all kinds of things for her apartment, so she is giving me some of her things, we kinda got the same kind of taste as far as glass things goes, anyway this is the coffee table, I also got the matching end table, but that is in my bed room once I get it all fixed the way I want I will take more photos, and it will be all together, for now just a look-see of the coffee table.



Welp friends, and reader’s it’s time for me to get dressed and ready to tackle the work afternoon/night.  Hope that you are all having a wonderful start to your weekend.

Today I am…  Cleaning it up.

You want me to go where???

Today while I was working at my computer, I got logged out and the screen message said….  Report to the manager’s office.  I had a quick flashback to when I was in High school and I had to report to the principle’s office, gee wiz, now anyone who has ever had to report to the principle’s office, knows nothing good comes from it.  As I got up and asked the team lead where was the manager’s office, he pointed towards the corner, and their stood another one of the leads waiting for me.  As I approached, I started to sweat, really lol.   When I got in, he informed me that I had 25 time outs, and that they usually send people home for it, it was basically a warning letting me know to get it under control.  They send you home after 8.  This is good to know, so now I will be watching my time outs, and you get time outs when you idle or pretty much take to long to with your handling of answers.  I know exactly where mine were coming from, but it just didn’t seem like I had that many, but future reference for me…  Do not talk so much, and get timed out.

I am glad to have just gotten a warning, must be more careful with things.  On a lighter note, don’t know how much lighter it can be lol.  More changes coming to one of the clients I have, so that means remembering more stuff.  But all good, all good, really hopeful that I get a new client soon.  Nope, being summoned to the manager’s office is just as sucky as the principle’s office.

Beyond 365

Day 137:

Today I am…  Paying up.  Oh the bills, the bill, the bills, they do not care how much you do or do not make, they only care about getting themselves paid up, and today I have to pay them up.  One of the more sucky things about being an adult, in my eyes anyway, is all the bills you have to pay.  And it gets started all over again the next month which is about five days away now.  I pray next month is a bit more kind on my bank account.

One more day of work, and then I will gladly be off, to finally relax, and relax I am going to do.  So funny, this is the first time that I have ever seen one of the Lord of the rings movie, and once again I have to hit myself over the head as to why I never watched it before.  Well I will say that was then, this is now and the one I watched was the return of the king, which I believe is the last one, so now I am going to have to get the trilogy for myself, watch the first and second one and my mom bought the Hobbit, so I think I will watch that one on my day off, then go out and buy it for my own collection.

Let the weekend begin…  I have to work it, but to all those that do not, enjoy it greatly, and always keep it fun and very much safe.

Today I am…  Paying up.