Beyond 365

Day 114:

Today I am…  Learning.  Yes, I got a new client.  More data entry work, boy I never knew what data entry work was really, but now I know and my fingers like to cramp up, but it’s all good, it’s all good in my land.  I choose this over standing on my feet all day dealing with the public.  And I want to learn more and more, and absorb more and more, so that I may never have to go back to standing on my feet all day, dealing with the public the way I used to.

Oh, the spring day is really springing along, today is another windy overcast kind of day.  Another bring the umbrella kind of day.  Well I have another bag of clothing that I will be taking to work and dropping in the donation box, I feel good about doing this, and getting rid of clothing I know that I will not really wear again.  Well I must be getting ready for now, I have a busy day ahead, before I go to work, have some errands to do.  So enjoy your April my reader’s and friends.

Today I am…  Learning.


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