Beyond 365

Day 117:

Today I am…  Lagging.  It is just one of those days, the kind where you would much rather stay in bed most of the day, get up and sit around in your pajama’s and watch Netflix.  Well no can do for me, I need to get moving, and get ready for work.  I have tomorrow off, but I will be getting up and getting down to get my taxes done, I have thought, and well I am going to go downtown to get them done for free, well that is what I am hoping to do.  I have to find the place and well I know it’s going to be a long line of people there, so like them I am going to try to get the jump and get out their way, early, well as early as my body allows for me to get up in the morning.  I have to catch the downtown bus to this place, so we shall see how this all works out, I am sure it will be just fine, I have already got my forms and id and social all ready and packed away in my purse.

Today I am just not feeling the work thing, even though it is just six hours, it is a lot more prep getting there to work, riding the bus.  Oh the life of a bus rider.  Just got an email informing us that the client we are on, will have another choice if they want or not to take a survey, so today will be my first time working that out, it’s all good though, I am getting things down.  And perhaps in the next month, I can grab a couple of more clients.  Right now I have four, and that to me is impressive.  But I suppose enough of this, and I need to get my self-moving along.  So hope y’all enjoy this your weekend.  Keep it fun, and safe whatever you may or may not do.

Today I am…  Lagging.


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