Beyond 365

Day 124:

Today I am… ToyRiffic!  I know I have been busy, the news is that Toy Joy, the best toy store in Austin, has been re-deemed.  A local buyer, bought it and it is re-opening today.  The buyer has also decided to keep it where it is, and to hire on the last owners of the store, so they can continue to run it.  This truly makes my heart happy, and puts a smile on my face.

This also means, that I am going to be able to take my mom there, when she comes down next weekend.  This is an opportunity that I am not going to miss.  So that means a trip downtown, also to the capitol, and perhaps down to lady bird lake.  Since I’ve got those days off when she comes down, I am going to squeeze a couple of new things in.  I love when she comes down, because that gives me opportunities to show her My Austin.  It’s nice to explore the city you’re in by yourself every once in a while, how else are you going to get to know it.  But I tell you it is so much better exploring it with another person, someone who marvels at the beauty, and enjoys it as much as you do, possibly even more.

Today I am ToyRiffic!

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