Beyond 365

Day 125:

Today I am…   Refreshing myself.  After a week of work, I was totally exhausted.  Today is my only day off, and I am refreshing.  I got some due sleep, in fact I slept in till 8:30 am, and after watching church service online, I have been up to not a whole lot today, but watching The Royal Pains on Netflix, in fact I have finished season 3 and will start season 4 in the morning before I have to be at work.  I have taken a little break from them, to do some cooking, tonight’s feast is burritos.  Just cooked them up.  I use ground turkey or ground chicken, it taste really good, since I don’t do ground beef anymore.  In fact the really only time I eat ground beef is when I have a burger from new places.  Usually I stick to chicken, lol.  I so love the chicken.

Besides doing a lot of nothing, I did happen to stroll down to the target that is along the way, it’s not that far off, anyway, I bought myself a new lamp, one of those tourchier kind of lamp, the cheap one’s with the plastic upshade.  It is in black, and so cool I learned how to put together lamps at my time spent at the Kirkland’s, in fact it is a good thing I learned to put together accent pieces, makes it a lot easier on me, being a single woman you know.  Now the bigger things, lol, that’s a whole other story, for another blog.  Things are slowly coming together, today lamp, tomorrow who knows…  I did happen to see this cute little bathroom rug that I think I might snag.  And still looking for things that will make my little patio balcony blaze with color.  Stay tuned.

On my trip to target, I spied the new Percy Jackson movie, so I got it, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, so I am going to indulge in a double feature of Percy Jackson.  First the Lightning Thief, then the Seas of monsters.  With a plate of burritos, a nice cool citrus drink.  So hope you all have enjoyed your weekend.

Today I am…  Refreshing myself.


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