Beyond 365

Day 129:

Today I am…  Splurging.  Yes, while my mom is here, I am splurging on treating her to new eats and plenty of shopping, of course she is shopping up a breeze.  She bought plenty of money to go shopping with, and I am treating her to restaurants and places to eat.  Plus seeing different sights around Austin.  Today’s eating spree was to Carino’s Italian restaurant.  I’ve never even been to the one in San Angelo, so figured it was time to hit it up, and hit it up we did.  She got the Lobster Ravioli, lemon creme cake, chedder broccoli, I got the chicken ravioli, tirimisu, and chedder broccoli, it was delicious, so very delicious.  Tomorrow is another day of splurging.  This week has been good, and it’s not over yet.  So to good company, family, and yummy food.

Today I am…  Splurging.


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