Beyond 365

Day 132:

Today I am…  Reflecting.  Thinking about today and what it means, spending time with my mom this week, seeing things anew.  More firsts for me, like spending Easter here in a new city, I got to spend it with my mom, and that makes me smile.  It has been such a fun week.  We were going to go to eat at IHOP before she left, but it was full and they had a line going out the door and around the corner, so we ended up getting some stuff at the deli.  She got her reclining loveseat from the furniture store, and headed back out.  I will see her sometime next month.  I am hoping to get to the Austin American Statesman Auto Show next month, if do I will post all about it.

Went for a walk up to the park, it was very pretty, families out and about, picnicking and flying kites, kids playing and people just out enjoying the day.  The weekend is just about over for me, and tomorrow it is back to work for the next 6 days.  So I am going to enjoy the rest of it, and hope you have a very happy, and very blessed Easter.

Today I am…  Reflecting.


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