Beyond 365

Day 134:

Today I am…  Dissatisfied!  With the way my phone has been acting.  Ever since I moved to Austin, my phone has been out of whack.  It lags and freezes, and I am just about tired of it, sometimes I want to just throw it against a wall, but then I won’t have a phone at all, so I put up with its temperament.  I can upgrade, but I need my money for other bills that keep on rolling in.  My phone is still a great working phone, but seriously I am going to be looking into a new one sometime in the new year.  Whatever that time is, I know it will be a Samsung phone, either a galaxy or the note 3, to be continued on that.

I feel as though I am really close to getting another client at work.  I am doing well on the clients I have, with two more clients I will become a tier 2 analyst.  That means a few pennies more, lol.  I want to get enough clients to become a tier 3, but let’s just stay focused on getting that 5th client.  Stay tuned.

Was up by six this morning, got my cup of coffee from the valero, and headed out for my walk down to the park and back, the weather is a bit humid this morning, and a bit cool, but looks like it is going to warm up more as the day goes on.  This is what I like, and by wed and Thurs it will be in the 90’s, still weather that I can deal with, anything over that, well I have to say that is too hot.  I am getting back into it, gonna take me a bit to catch up with the walking, but I know that I will be able to walk longer and further in time, and by summer, I will be feeling awesome, and looking just as good.

Well must be getting ready for the work day, here’s to Tuesday’s my friends and reader’s.

Today I am…  Dissatisfied!


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