Beyond 365

Day 135:

Today I am…  Keeping it moving.  Yesterday and the day before, it was a struggle to make it to the park and back to the apartment, I can say that today it is getting better.  Before long I will be able to walk up to the library and back.  It is a struggle to get up in the mornings, but once I do get up and get at em’ well let’s just say I power on through, and I begin to get my sunshine on!  I do need to stretch more in the mornings when I do get up, because I can feel it in my body, sore and stiff.  So will work on that much more.  Also going to have to do better at not sitting too long at work, I mean I get up at break times and walk around, but it is going to have to be more frequent, don’t want to get stuck in that sedentary lifestyle.  In all, I feel that I am on my way, just need to now buy a scale, and some more weights.

I have not truly figured out the work life balance thing yet.  I know that when I am off, for the one day, my mind wants to be out doing something other than sitting at home, but the body is tired, so it is a battle.  This time I know that I will be staying home, for the fact that I have to clean, since my mom left, I’ve not done a lot of cleaning, and she just bought me this new vacuum, and  will be using it.  I like a clean place, but hate cleaning.  So glad though that it is just vacuuming and dishes that need to be done, all the rest is pretty much clean.

Time is moving, and so should I.  So here’s to having a wonderful Wednesday Y’all.

Today I am…  Keeping it moving.


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