Beyond 365

Day 137:

Today I am…  Paying up.  Oh the bills, the bill, the bills, they do not care how much you do or do not make, they only care about getting themselves paid up, and today I have to pay them up.  One of the more sucky things about being an adult, in my eyes anyway, is all the bills you have to pay.  And it gets started all over again the next month which is about five days away now.  I pray next month is a bit more kind on my bank account.

One more day of work, and then I will gladly be off, to finally relax, and relax I am going to do.  So funny, this is the first time that I have ever seen one of the Lord of the rings movie, and once again I have to hit myself over the head as to why I never watched it before.  Well I will say that was then, this is now and the one I watched was the return of the king, which I believe is the last one, so now I am going to have to get the trilogy for myself, watch the first and second one and my mom bought the Hobbit, so I think I will watch that one on my day off, then go out and buy it for my own collection.

Let the weekend begin…  I have to work it, but to all those that do not, enjoy it greatly, and always keep it fun and very much safe.

Today I am…  Paying up.


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