You want me to go where???

Today while I was working at my computer, I got logged out and the screen message said….  Report to the manager’s office.  I had a quick flashback to when I was in High school and I had to report to the principle’s office, gee wiz, now anyone who has ever had to report to the principle’s office, knows nothing good comes from it.  As I got up and asked the team lead where was the manager’s office, he pointed towards the corner, and their stood another one of the leads waiting for me.  As I approached, I started to sweat, really lol.   When I got in, he informed me that I had 25 time outs, and that they usually send people home for it, it was basically a warning letting me know to get it under control.  They send you home after 8.  This is good to know, so now I will be watching my time outs, and you get time outs when you idle or pretty much take to long to with your handling of answers.  I know exactly where mine were coming from, but it just didn’t seem like I had that many, but future reference for me…  Do not talk so much, and get timed out.

I am glad to have just gotten a warning, must be more careful with things.  On a lighter note, don’t know how much lighter it can be lol.  More changes coming to one of the clients I have, so that means remembering more stuff.  But all good, all good, really hopeful that I get a new client soon.  Nope, being summoned to the manager’s office is just as sucky as the principle’s office.


4 thoughts on “You want me to go where???

  1. Oh wow! Sorry to hear that. I was hoping this story was going somewhere else and you were summoned for something good. I used to work in a call service and don’t remember it being so strict. I know we did have limits to the amount of time we could be on a call, but it sounds like your place is pretty tough. Hang in there!

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