Beyond 365

Day 138:

Today I am…  Cleaning it up.  My apartment that is, just using the vacuum that my mom bought me, it sure sucks that dirt up really good.  So there is time to do that this morning, no work till around 3, that means that I will probably leave the apartment around noon time.  Looking out the window, it looks like rain today, so that means umbrella gets to travel with me to work today.  looking at my work schedule for next week, makes me smile for the fact that I will be working the morning shifts, from Tuesday through to Saturday.  I do love morning work.

So I forgot to show off my new glass coffee table that my mom gave me, is getting all kinds of things for her apartment, so she is giving me some of her things, we kinda got the same kind of taste as far as glass things goes, anyway this is the coffee table, I also got the matching end table, but that is in my bed room once I get it all fixed the way I want I will take more photos, and it will be all together, for now just a look-see of the coffee table.



Welp friends, and reader’s it’s time for me to get dressed and ready to tackle the work afternoon/night.  Hope that you are all having a wonderful start to your weekend.

Today I am…  Cleaning it up.


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