Month: May 2014

Beyond 365

Day 172:

Today I am…  Looking Around.  Today is the last day of May 2014, what a month it has been, it has seen its ups and its’ downs, but for the most part it has been a new experience.  So it goes and tomorrow welcomes in a new month, and a new stretch.  Summer is coming my friends, summer is coming.

Today I am…  Looking Around.

Beyond 365

Day 171:

Today I am…  Looking Up!  Indeed, finally I am getting 40 hours a week, just pray they keep it up.  This week has been a tight one, and I am making that $ stretch.  I bet if you put your ear up to my blog, you can hear it screaming.  But I always Praise the One.  For He is the Source, all the rest is just resources.  And through these lean times, He has always been there for me, I have not been left without.  Oh believe me times have looked really dire, but He has always made a way for me, and I give praise and thanks to Him.

Well looks like the weather is doing a bit better, haven’t had any real rain since a few days ago, which makes me smile some.  It just might be a very wet summer this year.  I am hoping there are more sunny days, than wet and gray, but whatever it may be, I will praise God for it.

So tonight I am whipping me up some pasta salad, oh how I love the stuff.  Putting on my pj’s and hitting up Netflix for the rest of the night.  So here’s to a happy weekend for you all, hope you have fun and enjoy.

Today I am…  Looking Up!

Beyond 365

Day 170:

Today I am…  Working on me.  That’s right, I am learning more and more about myself, in this time of my life, more of the things I will not put up with, and what I will let slide, I am slowly learning to pick and choose my battles in this life.  I am of course a work in progress, but one that will make me a stronger person, a more caring and thoughtful person, and one who won’t put up with certain nonsense.  I can really say for the first time, I am really, liking what I am seeing.

Today I am…  Working on me.

Beyond 365

Day 169:

Today I am…  Taking it day by day.  Yes, today is another day of my life, another day where I give it to Him.  To give me peace and calmness, today is another day where I l lay down my thoughts and feelings.  I have to become honest with myself, because without that, the healing will never cease to take its place in my life, in this journey.  I have to be accountable for my actions in the things I have done, without that, the growth will never show, yes, today is another day of my life where I give it to Him.

It’s like a drug, so powerful and rich, one that I know will lead me down to the pit of misery, today is another day of my life, where I will fight this fight, there is no way I will be led to that darkness of old.

Today I am…  Taking it day by day.

Beyond 365

Day 168:

Today I am…  Going to need a boat.  It would seem that way, for things are really wet and beyond soaked here in Austin, it has been raining non stop for the past day and a half.  From the looks of it, or from what I can see, since it is still dark out, does not look like it is going to let up any today, but then again I could be wrong and it stops mid day, but we shall see.  Yes, we do need the rain, oh but when it rains this way, my not so sunny mood starts to appear, let’s just hope that the sun comes out, and all today sometime.

Here I am before I get ready for work, today is the day we see the new system at work.  Keeping fingers crossed on my end that all goes well for me, and I do well with it.  To be continued.  Well I suppose I need to get myself off here and get my butt in gear for work, so here’s to my Monday, hope you all have had a great start yourselves.

Today I am…  Going to need a boat.

Giving the pieces to Him

The problem I have is relinquishing the broken pieces and giving them all to Him, for He is the only one that can fix these broken pieces that I call my life, my heart, me.  He is the only one, there is no one else that can do what He can do.  I fight, struggle, and rage to hold on to these pieces.  Psalm 147:3  ” He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”  For I am truly the broken-hearted, and what I need is His healing.  For too long I have been trying to self-heal, and that does not work, for He is the healer of my life.

I am exhausted of mind, of body, and of spirit, for today I give the pieces over to Him.  I can not do this alone, of my own will, it has to be of His will, of His way.  Today I give over the pieces to Him.

Beyond 365

Day 166:

Today I am…  Hoping.  That everyone will have a great Memorial Day weekend, and be extra safe if you are traveling the roads, make it to your destination, have a nice time, and make it back for the working week.  Remember what this holiday is about.

Time to just make myself scarce in this apartment, with Netflix, and the silence, that is until the people start filing out to the pool area.  So right now I am going to enjoy the silence.

Today I am…  Hoping.

Beyond 365

Day 164:

Today I am…  Confessing.  Yes, I am not completely over Joshua, yes, I still have feelings, for him, yes, I still think about him, think about the things that could have been.  There are moments that I wish we were still together, that I wish that we could have worked it out, made it work, been given another chance at things now that we are in the same city, there are times, so many times the thoughts have crossed my mind, painful.  In those times, I pray that the pain be lessened, and that my way be made clear to me.  I’ve got to let go, and let God.

Today I am…  Confessing.