Day: May 10, 2014

New purchases…

These are what I purchased today after work.




I am a sucker for socks, I love socks, and especially knee hi socks, I haven’t worn them in a couple of years, I used to have dozens of them, but went through a spell of not being in the mood for them.  But now the mood is back, baby, back with a vengeance.  In fact this is just the beginning of my buying spree of knee hi socks, more are on their way, in fact next week I am thinking about ordering some from sockdreams, my favorite sock and stocking place.  Stay tuned for that.



finally got my own little Yoga Mat, so I can really get busy with my workout.  Cute design lol.  I am happy.  I am blessed, I have nothing to big to complain about, so life is pretty dang good.  Hope that you are all enjoying your weekend.


An offer I couldn’t refuse…

There has been a change in my plans for tomorrow.  I was going to attend the armadillo art glass shindig, now that will not be the case.  For tomorrow I will be getting to hang out with two cool moms and their families.  That’s right reader’s.  I was invited to hang out with Riki and her mom and their family this mother’s day.  Since I won’t be spending it with my own mom this year, I get to spend it with two fantastic ladies.  My mom will be coming down on Wednesday, so that just means that we can spend time together it will be like mother’s day to us anyway.  I am happy to be spending it with such a wonderful duo.  And very thankful that I am invited.  So yes, when I got the offer, I immediately said yes, there will be other glass making shindig to go to, heck, I have the auto show next week anyhow with my mom.  So it was a pleasure for me to say yes to the offer.  It’s going to be a good time.

So to all you mom’s out there online and off, who are reading this, I want to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Beyond 365

Day 151:

Today I am…  Sharing.  That’s right my friends, and reader’s I am sharing a friends work.  He just started this business, and he has customers forming.  So here is his Facebook page and he also has a instagram if you care to follow that as well.  If you like, then perhaps you will be come customers as well.    I have already ordered something from him.  It will be an engagement gift to one of my friends back in San Angelo, and former co-worker, it is two linked hearts.  She is all into western things, and I think this will make a perfect little gift to the couple.  I myself will be ordering a couple of single hearts from him.  He does really good work.

So today I am going to try to get off work early, so that I don’t have to get off tonight, we shall see.  Sometimes I can and sometimes it doesn’t happen.  Hopefully today will be one of those days.  Work is good, like I said got a new client, and soon they are planning on changing some things up with the way our system is, hopefully in a good way.  This job is just a stepping stone for me, to be able to get experience in a call center, and then who knows, where things will lead me.  Until that time, this is where I am at.

Today the weather is pretty nice out, it has been cloudy the last couple of days, and I could surely feel it, but today is beautifully nice out.  How’s the weather looking where you are?  Well, I better be off and getting ready for the day at hand, and please check out Jesse’s Facebook page and if you like, what you see, like it.  Here’s to a wonderful weekend, always be safe, and have fun.

Today I am…  Sharing.