Day: May 16, 2014

Funday Friday

So today was a funday Friday for me and my mom.  We went downtown to the Capitol.  Ate at the Capitol Grill, then I showed her the monuments they had behind the capitol.  It was a fun kind of day, the weather was nice, it was a little windy, but it was nice and warm out.  Just a few of the photos I took.


out at the capitol

The Capitol is always having something going on, and this is no different, it seemed quiet and peaceful, not sure eally what it was all about though.



This was good eating at the Capitol Grill…  Corn, beans, pulled chicken, and wheat roll, and of course a kiwi strawberry drink.  Will definitely go back there.


state capitol

In the rotunda of the capitol, there was a school orchastra playing, it was beautiful music, we stopped and watched for a few minuets.


me in new hat

When the day was done, mom bought me this hat and a fridge magnet down in the Capitol gift shop.  I enjoy.


Now the day is done, we are back at the apartment relaxing.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough, and another round of funday will be had.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Beyond 365

Day 157:

Today I am…   All Ready!  Yes, today me and my mom will be busting a move on down to the capitol, then we will have lunch at the Capitol Grill, down in the extension of the capitol.  Today is a day for enjoying, and enjoying I will.  Sure we are already up this morning, listening to some Pandora on the computer, ahh looks to be a beautiful day out today, I can just tell, it is clear about now, and soon the sun will be rising up.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s Auto Show, all those bright, shiny, new cars…  For a person who can’t drive, that would be me, I still enjoy looking at the cars, no harm, no foul.  photos of all those luxuries.  Well friends and reader’s let’s get this day started.  Here’s to having a great start of the weekend, and hope you all have a great one as well.  Stay tuned for photos.

Today I am…  All Ready!