Beyond 365

Day 157:

Today I am…   All Ready!  Yes, today me and my mom will be busting a move on down to the capitol, then we will have lunch at the Capitol Grill, down in the extension of the capitol.  Today is a day for enjoying, and enjoying I will.  Sure we are already up this morning, listening to some Pandora on the computer, ahh looks to be a beautiful day out today, I can just tell, it is clear about now, and soon the sun will be rising up.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s Auto Show, all those bright, shiny, new cars…  For a person who can’t drive, that would be me, I still enjoy looking at the cars, no harm, no foul.  photos of all those luxuries.  Well friends and reader’s let’s get this day started.  Here’s to having a great start of the weekend, and hope you all have a great one as well.  Stay tuned for photos.

Today I am…  All Ready!


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