Beyond 365

Day 158:

Today I am…  Checking out new rides!  Today is the day my reader’s and friends, today is the 2014 Austin auto show, where all the new 2015 cars and vehicles will be showcased in lights.  I really have been looking forward to this for a while, and I told myself, hey if I am able to get to this again, then I shall.  And shall I will.  Photos will be posted as soon as they are edited and ready to be put up, but if you happen to check out my instagram, I will have photos posted there as well.  Sorta like a very quick and instant view, before I get my photos from my camera up.

Today is also the last full day and night that my mom will be here enjoying Austin with me.  She leaves out tomorrow morning, I have truly enjoyed, and enjoy the time spent with her.  So let me get my magnificent day started, here’s to new rides my friends and reader’s.  Enjoy your Saturday.

Today I am…  Checking out new rides!


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