Beyond 365

Day 159:

Today I am…  A bit more wiser.  After being with my mom this weekend, I have gained a bit more wisdom, about life, love, family, friends.  New things, old things, and in-between things.  When my mom comes down here to Austin to see me, she is coming down to enjoy a peaceful time, time away from her busy retired life in San Angelo.  I always try to make this her place of rest.  She enjoys it so much.  Now that used to not be the case, that was when I still lived with her, we would clash and words of anger would be exchanged.  It was time for me to finally leave that nest, and strike out on my own, and now we are much more in a happier place with one another, and that right there makes me smile, and fill my heart with joy.

She need not worry too much about me, but as a mother I know she will.  But she has taught me well, I know how to pay my bills, to get myself to and from work, how to be very careful with my surroundings here in the big city.  I just need to tighten up on the other things.  Like meeting new potential dating situations, See I have a pattern in the guys I like, it has not been a good pattern, so I need to break out of this pattern, and try something different.  In time, in time though, today I am still working on myself.

So this morning I saw my mom off.  She is on the road back home, of course next month she has a couple of trips planned for here, it shall be fun, fun, fun.  I am about to go relax with a nice hot bath, and flip on the Netflix, and enjoy the rest of my day off.  Here’s to the end of a great weekend my friends, and reader’s.

Today I am…  A bit more wiser.


5 thoughts on “Beyond 365

  1. It was the same way when I lived with my mom. It was a double edged sword because she didn’t want to me leave (I wanted to go away to college) yet she needed me to be out the nest. I made it through college and as soon as I graduated I was out of her house. We then became the best of friends to the point of me spending the weekends back at home despite having my own place. I love my mommy, so.

      1. I can also say that I know she did it because she knew it would be “easier” for me to live at home and attend an in-state school, but….we had our moments as I was trying to spread my wings. AND I am already bullheaded and independent. Oh Lort!

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