Beyond 365

Day 160:

Today I am…  Putting in the work.  The exercise work that is, today was core and ab work, yes, I can feel the burn, so may this hopefully pay off.  If I continue with this, I will see results.  I am not going for a hard body of any sort, just a slimmed down tummy, and a tone up, lol.  I do like my pudgy parts, so I am not looking to do away with all of it, hey, curves are good as well.

I have had a wonderful weekend, now it is the start of a new working week for me.  No complaining here for me, I am thankful everyday that I have employment, and a new chance to learn new things.

The weather looks like it is going to try to rain today, it is windy out, and the clouds have formed, ahh this weather has been up and down, off and on.  Oh spring time.  Well not a lot going on this morning, so time to get ready for my working day, hope your having a great start to your week.

Today I am…  Putting in the work.


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