Beyond 365

Day 164:

Today I am…  Confessing.  Yes, I am not completely over Joshua, yes, I still have feelings, for him, yes, I still think about him, think about the things that could have been.  There are moments that I wish we were still together, that I wish that we could have worked it out, made it work, been given another chance at things now that we are in the same city, there are times, so many times the thoughts have crossed my mind, painful.  In those times, I pray that the pain be lessened, and that my way be made clear to me.  I’ve got to let go, and let God.

Today I am…  Confessing.


2 thoughts on “Beyond 365

  1. And that is the first step towards healing and closure. Congratulations. It is okay to have feeling, it means they were real and you are accepting the fact. Proud of you.

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