Day: May 27, 2014

Beyond 365

Day 168:

Today I am…  Going to need a boat.  It would seem that way, for things are really wet and beyond soaked here in Austin, it has been raining non stop for the past day and a half.  From the looks of it, or from what I can see, since it is still dark out, does not look like it is going to let up any today, but then again I could be wrong and it stops mid day, but we shall see.  Yes, we do need the rain, oh but when it rains this way, my not so sunny mood starts to appear, let’s just hope that the sun comes out, and all today sometime.

Here I am before I get ready for work, today is the day we see the new system at work.  Keeping fingers crossed on my end that all goes well for me, and I do well with it.  To be continued.  Well I suppose I need to get myself off here and get my butt in gear for work, so here’s to my Monday, hope you all have had a great start yourselves.

Today I am…  Going to need a boat.