Day: May 30, 2014

Beyond 365

Day 171:

Today I am…  Looking Up!  Indeed, finally I am getting 40 hours a week, just pray they keep it up.  This week has been a tight one, and I am making that $ stretch.  I bet if you put your ear up to my blog, you can hear it screaming.  But I always Praise the One.  For He is the Source, all the rest is just resources.  And through these lean times, He has always been there for me, I have not been left without.  Oh believe me times have looked really dire, but He has always made a way for me, and I give praise and thanks to Him.

Well looks like the weather is doing a bit better, haven’t had any real rain since a few days ago, which makes me smile some.  It just might be a very wet summer this year.  I am hoping there are more sunny days, than wet and gray, but whatever it may be, I will praise God for it.

So tonight I am whipping me up some pasta salad, oh how I love the stuff.  Putting on my pj’s and hitting up Netflix for the rest of the night.  So here’s to a happy weekend for you all, hope you have fun and enjoy.

Today I am…  Looking Up!