Month: May 2014

Beyond 365

Day 166:

Today I am…  Hoping.  That everyone will have a great Memorial Day weekend, and be extra safe if you are traveling the roads, make it to your destination, have a nice time, and make it back for the working week.  Remember what this holiday is about.

Time to just make myself scarce in this apartment, with Netflix, and the silence, that is until the people start filing out to the pool area.  So right now I am going to enjoy the silence.

Today I am…  Hoping.


Beyond 365

Day 164:

Today I am…  Confessing.  Yes, I am not completely over Joshua, yes, I still have feelings, for him, yes, I still think about him, think about the things that could have been.  There are moments that I wish we were still together, that I wish that we could have worked it out, made it work, been given another chance at things now that we are in the same city, there are times, so many times the thoughts have crossed my mind, painful.  In those times, I pray that the pain be lessened, and that my way be made clear to me.  I’ve got to let go, and let God.

Today I am…  Confessing.

Beyond 365

Day 163:

Today I am…  Happy To Say.  That come Monday, their will be a new system in play at work, new for all the IA’s on the morning and mid shifts, not too new for the third shifters, since they started it with them, to see how well it went.  So now instead of fighting for points, it will be different, different in the fact that it will be all on us, if we get things wrong it is because we got it wrong.  But hopefully it will be better, and the pay scale will be much better, so it will be a bit easier to get up that ladder.  We went over the new changes today, and it gets put into play Monday, we will notice the changes in our pay in a couple of weeks.    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!  Two more working days for me, and tomorrow happens to be Pay Day!

I also had an assessment over one of the clients I have, this one I have a bit of problems with, but with all the new changes, and the mentoring, I am hoping that it will do me very well.  Because I am gunning to make Tier Two.  Just need one more client and I will be there, then work from that on to more clients.  Stay tuned.

Tis funny how time flies as well.  I have been there for about 4 months, and I am still enjoying it.  I think mostly because, I think back to retail, and I shudder when I walk into stores, and see all the stuff you have to endure, and I know, it is not where and what I want to endure anymore.  Moving forward, with something different, and believe me this for me is a lot different.  It is working for me at the moment.  Smile.

Today I am…  Happy To Say.


You are still…

You are still…  In my heart, in my soul, in my thoughts.

You are still…  In my dreams, in my world, in my head.

You are still… Close to me, but so very far, far away.

Our lives may be very different now, but the memories live on inside of me.

Beyond 365

Day 162:

Today I am…  Finally getting it done.  Getting what done you may be asking, well finally getting me a bed, lol.  I know it has taken almost a whole year to get this done, but hey it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish I think that is it…  Anyway.  Middle of June I should have a nice semi-firm bed delivered to my humble little apartment.  Yes, this makes me very giddy, smiley, and all around happy.  And when that is complete, I will deflate the air mattress that is in my bedroom and stow it away in its box.  You never know it may come in handy some day again lol.

Welp, today was day three of my six days working.  I surely will be glad when I am off, I could probably change my schedule up, to where I have one day within the day off, but for right now, I am going to stick with what I have.  Work, oh yes, it is tedious, but I still enjoy it.  The pay could be a bit better, still trying to work my way up that ladder.  But I will not complain too, too much, for there are people who do not have a job at all.

In a couple of months, I will have lived in Austin, TX 1 complete whole year.  In this, I have learned so much more about myself, I feel I have grown more as well.  I can say that I am not that same 39 and a half-year old woman who came here, scared and a weeping mess.  I am a much more stronger me, and I love it.

Today I am…  Finally getting it done.

Beyond 365

Day 161:

Today I am…  Seriously Thinking.  About getting a new phone that is, sure I have a pretty decent phone, it is the Droid Razor Maxx, but here it seems to be a P.O.S, I think we all know what those abbreviations stand for.  Ever since I arrived in Austin, my phone has been doing it own thing.  It will not hold a charge longer than 6 hours and that is if it is not being used at all.  Today I left it in my locker at work for 2 hours at 60 percent power, when I got out of work, it was as dead as dead could be.  So this just let’s me know that I will be bringing my charger to work with me and charging it up before I go out on the production floor.

There are times I would like to smash it, but then I would have no phone, and that is no good.  So I am going to start looking into something new in the next couple of months.  I have my eye on the Galaxy, or the note 3, but who knows, once I really start looking, something other might just catch my eye.  Stay tuned.

Today I am…  Seriously Thinking.