Month: June 2014

Beyond 365

Day 202:

Today I am…  Back at it.  Work that is, today is the start of my five-day working week.  I do feel rested, and I am about to get back at it.  The weather is humid out, I really hope that there are more dry days than humid ones, Oyvey!

Today I am…  Back at it.

Beyond 365

Day 201:

Today I am…  Making it count.  My day off that is, today I have not done a whole lot, still in my pajamas, haven’t been out of the apartment today, did do a little cleaning; not a lot, but a little.  Just finished season 2 of the Killing, now about to watch season 3…  Netflix rocks, well I can really say that cause well I can.  Just relaxing and resting up.  Trying to keep myself as well as I can.  I know today I feel a lot better than last, and that is saying something.  I have to work the next five days, so today is totally resting up.  I need to really take it easy, and not get so stressed out about things.  I feel that taking this day off from really doing anything strenuous was the right thing to do, I mean rest is best.

So my reader’s here’s to enjoying the last of the weekend, moving forward always.

Today I am…  Making it count.

Beyond 365

Day 200:

Today I am…  Feeling like…  And believe me it isn’t good.  I am beyond tired, exhausted, wiped out, and drained.  Today was such a slow day at work, I could hardly keep up, or keep awake.  So now I get the day off tomorrow, in the mean time, I just slipped on my pj’s and I will say, that I will not be getting out of them until Monday morning, when I get cleaned up for the new working week.

I thought about going out, going down town and just doing nothing in particular, but this exhaustion has got the better of me, and that means that I will be staying in for the day, doing absolutely nothing, possibly some Netflix, but no going out of any kind.  The weather has been grey and depressive, it has been way to humid and the temp is rising to a melting point with me.  So think that what will serve me well, is to do nothing, and get some rest and recharge.  So here’s to recharging my friends.  Enjoy your weekend.

Today I am…  Feeling like…

Beyond 365

Day 199:

Today I am…  Asking Myself.  Am I tired enough, have I had enough, am I really, really, ready to let all of it go, and move forward finally.  Sure I’ve been inching along here and there, setbacks along the way, but little by little moving.  But was I really doing all that I could to make this change?  The answer to that is no, I know it, and I am sure some others have known it as well.  God has been seeing me thought all this, He is always there, even in my darkest days and nights, He is my comforter.  I thank Him every day, I will get through this, I will move forward in my life.  So the question to myself is am I tired enough, have I had enough, am I really, really, ready to let all of it go…  YES!

Today I am…  Asking Myself.

Beyond 365

Day 198:

Today I am…  Wowed!  I have been on this journey for 198 days, diligently tapping out something or not a lot at all, but still sticking to my guns.  persistence pays off, I see this, and strive to keep on keeping on, keep on moving forward, even in the face of days that just make me want to quit, lay down, give up, and so forth, no.  I will not give up, I will march forward and I will keep on keeping on.

Wow, this month is almost at an end, with 4 days left, time…  It keeps moving forward, there is no stopping it.

Today I am…  Wowed!

Beyond 365

Day 196:

Today I am…  Of Good Cheer.  Last night I got a review on my biggest client, turns out I am at a 4, which is very, very, good, 5 is perfect, but 4 means I know my stuff pretty well.  That made me smile from ear to ear, now this was the client that I was having the most problems with, but seems I have done pretty good for myself.  Good cheer my reader’s good cheer.

I have the day off today, but still have to go out and get some personal things done, it’s a semi sunny kind of day, good day for a walk, think I will go do just that, so here’s to days off, and good cheer, and getting out and enjoying the day.

Today I am…  Of Good Cheer.