Beyond 365

Day 173:

Today I am…  Enjoying My Time.  The time that I do have to spend with my family.  Yesterday, they surprised me by coming here, it was a turn around trip, because everyone except my mom has to be back to work on Monday, with my nephew starting a new job at the juvenile facility there.   They hit the road coming to Austin at 1pm and got here by 5 pm, I was so happy to see them, it is a pretty rare treat to see both my sister, nephew, and stepdad, since it is usually my mom that comes here the most.  That is what happens when you are retired, and you can do as you please, when you please.  Hopefully, one day I will be able to have a life of travel, when and where I want.  Of course with a husband that can as well.

They all just left heading back a couple of hours ago.  It was a very nice visit though, and I look forward to seeing my mom in a couple of weeks.  It is nice to see family.  But now all the fun is over with, and I sit back and enjoy the memory of yesterday, and today, while I clean, and prepare myself for the new work week.  Oy!  Monday will be here soon enough.  Happy first day of June friends, family, and reader’s, hope this day something amazingly wonderful is happening for you.

A photo of us all together on my balcony.


my family

A photo of me, my mom, and my sister.


mom my sister and I

Today I am…  Enjoying My Time.


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