Beyond 365

Day 175:

Today I am…  Putting in a little extra.  Work that is, today I put in a little over my 8 hours today, I know it isn’t going to make up the 8 hours I missed yesterday, but it will still help come friday’s payday.  This week I work the evening shifts, and since today I worked the morning shift, I was able to give up some extra time.  See that is what I like, I like morning shifts, so that if they want you to stay a bit longer it is doable lol.  I am up for doing that.

Well on another note, I have been doing the homemade humidifier trick, that is filling my sink with hot water and vicks, getting a towel, and putting over my the sink with my head underneath it, breathing in the vapors, to open up my airways to breathe a bit better.  once at night before bed, and once in the morning before work.  I am going to have to lay down some $$ to get a really good one., then I am going to also need to get a de humidifier lol, crazy, but this Austin weather is crazy.

Well my lovelies, time to get ready for bed, work calls in the morning, and I want to get a good bit of shut-eye.

Today I am…  Putting in a little extra.


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