Beyond 365

Day 176:

Today I am…  Choosing to be positive.  I know you can not have rainbows and unicorns all the time, but you can choose to make the best out of situations, and circumstances.  There are always options, it depends on what you want to choose.  When you speak there is no hope, then that is what you will get, when you speak, that no one can help, or there is no help out there for this situation or circumstance, then that is exactly what you will receive.  There are always options, you can either do or do not do.

I know a person, who is having problems at her apartment complex, she feels there is no help, and said that she has gone to the manager, and there is nothing that they can do, they don’t have the power, in which I told her she is wrong in that.  The manager has the power to do something.  Apparently she is trying to take matters into her own hand, and I told her that for safety’s sake, take it to the manager, and if they can’t or won’t then take it up to someone higher, of course she doesn’t want retaliation, I know I would not want that to happen to her, but she as a tenant has rights as well, and I sent her some links to places that may help her out.  There are always options, it just depends on how you choose to handle things.  And sometimes the best thing is to leave, if it is affecting your health, and sanity, then no matter how cheap the place is, your health is worth more, or should be.  I have given her the links, it is up to her.

Today I am…  Choosing to be positive.


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