Beyond 365

Day 177:

Today I am…  Taking it easy.  Yes, that is right, today I have the day off, and I am not doing a darn thing, well I did happen to go to the bank today, I got my rent paid so that makes me happy, that I have an apartment for another solid month.  I was going to head down town after all that.  Today kicks off X Games, so they have this huge half-pipe down town, I was going to go and check it out, take some photos, but on the way back home, I decided that I was going to forgo it and stay home.  I would have loved to have been able to attend X Games, I used to love it when it first started out, they had so many things going on, then it just became to commercialized, and they did away with a lot of the cool extreme things, and basically narrowed it down to a hand full, and well that sucks.  Anyhow, I am hearing that they will be here for the next four years.  Since it is in my back yard, I was thinking it might be something to do.  But the majority of it will be held out at the Circuit of the Americas, and that is too far for me to travel, being I do not drive, have no vehicle, and wouldn’t know how to get there if I did.  They do not have any shuttles going out there to this particular event, which is a shame, because when they have Formula 1, they have shuttles back and forth.  So anyway, it is too far for me.

And I do suppose by taking it easy, I mean that I am about to sit around eat chicken egg rolls, drink some tang, and veg out on some Netflix.  I am starting to feel more like my self now that I am slowly getting over this cough and misery, yes, the weather is still blah.  In fact this has been what the week has looked like in the mid afternoon to evening times.


cloudy day

A bit depressing if you ask me.  I will be glad to see more cloud free and sunny days.  But for today, this is it, and I am just going to do nothing.  Here’s to a hopefully sunny weekend, remember, to have fun, what ever you do or do not do, keep it safe as well.

Today I am…  Taking it easy.


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