Beyond 365

Day 180:

Today I am…  Appreciating.  The fact that I have a mom and dad that are still in the land of the living, and that they still help me out, by helping me out, I mean that my mom and dad came down yesterday, to bring me some medication, my mom also an asthmatic, has a breathing treatment, so she brought hers down here for me.  I appreciate all that they do for me, and continue to do.  As an adult living here on my own, I appreciate a lot more now than I have ever, because I am seeing through adult eyes now, and the world looks a lot different.

I know that when I have some things financially more in order, first thing is to seek some medical help on the issues I am having, and get them squared away.  These things I have been doing are just temporary fixes, but you know temporary things will not last, and I want to be able to get this problem in hand.  The folks just left out back home, but my mom will be coming back in a few days.  She loves going to the malls here, and there is some make-up here that she can not get back in San Angelo, so she will be checking it out here.  Yes, I suppose I will always be her baby.  I am the baby of the family, so go figure.  I am not going to complain too much about it.

The medication I am taking is working its thing, and I am able to get all this gunk inside out, the congestion isn’t sticking, and that is good.  I am feeling, more like myself.  Just have to watch out, there are a lot of ills going on around here, and when you put people together in an enclosed space, you are bound to catch what is going around, so plenty of vitamin C, washing and sanitizing.  Lots of liquids, and rest.  Have got to slow down as well.  When you run yourself ragged, and try to take short-cuts, you just come up short.  So need to really watch these things.

Well back to work tomorrow, I have Tuesday off, and me and a friend will be taking a trip over to the LBJ museum, should be a lot of fun, have been wanting to check it out for some time.  So here’s to the end a weekend, and hopefully the start to a great new week.  Take care, have fun, and always keep it safe.

Today I am…  appreciating



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