Beyond 365

Day 189:

Today I am…  Reminding Myself.  Reminding myself to stop slacking, and get a move on.  Because lately I have been waiting till it is almost time for the bus to get here, to get out of the house, and that is no good for me.  I need to be fully ready and out of the apartment ahead of time.  Yes, I’ve been slacking and it is no good.  I really do not like dragging my feet, so I am going to have to be more disciplined in doing what needs to be done.

One work day down, five more to go, that is another thing, I feel I am already getting burned out from work, so I am going to have to slow it down, and get a new perspective on it.  Still a work in progress, and still a stepping stone, in a few months I will begin the search for something within this same platform.

So here’s to another day of the week, may it be fully blessed.

Today I am… Reminding Myself.


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