Beyond 365

Day 190:

Today I am…  Better than Yesterday.  Today I can feel it in my body, that I am better than yesterday.  I still have an angry cough, but I am breathing better everyday, I am slowly weaning myself from the breathing treatments, and I still am using my inhalers, but this morning I feel so much better.  Yes, I do hate when it gets so bad, but once it starts to get back to normal, it is so, so, good.

The weather is still humid and not as nice, but just something I will have to deal with living here.  The skies keep threating rain, but none yet.  Always keeping my umbrella near by.  I must say, that this work week is moving along pretty swiftly, and that makes me smile.  Already in the middle of the week.  Speaking of work, it is going along well, still trying to figure out the new system.  Really not sure about it, but will continue to stick with it for a bit more.  Here’s to having a Happy Hump Day my reader’s.  Look ahead, the weekend is near.

Today I am…  Better than Yesterday.


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